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Spring Street Preschool offers a rich and varied environment for child-centered exploration, creative arts, social skill development and literacy learning. Our teachers work to provide the opportunity for a flexible and supported transition from home or family day care to school. Our goal is to provide children with a positive first school experience. 

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Spring Street Preschool believes that education is a fundamentally social process and should be family centered, collaborative and inclusive. We strive to create a vital school community that nurtures learning through play and social interaction. We support each child’s innate passion for learning while also expanding their understanding of the communities and cultures that exist beyond school and home.


At Spring Street, we assume an ongoing responsibility to understand and reflect the diverse identities, backgrounds, and cultures inherent in our community, which is essential to growth and understanding. We are committed to making our school authentically inclusive through the lens of antiracism and social justice, ensuring everyone’s fundamental right to be seen, valued and belong.


Spring Street teachers are purposeful in the way we talk with children about diversity (gender, racial, etc.) and in how we choose educational materials to share. Our goal is to create an open and accepting classroom that fosters creativity of expression. We do this through curating books, toys, dress up clothes, songs, and activities that focus on learning about the world through a kind, inquisitive lens. 


We deeply value our community of families for their diversity of perspective, unique areas of expertise and wide-range of contributions to both the school and the children. 



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