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At Spring Street Preschool, financial contributions not only help the school achieve financial success, they're also integral to preserving the Spring Street culture that we value so much. Spring Street Preschool has an annual fund that has been built from friends, families and school alumni. You may be wondering…


Why does Spring Street Preschool have an Annual Fund?

Simply put, we could not operate our school without financial support. Tuition income does not cover the full cost of operating the school, and we rely on the philanthropy of alumni, parents, and friends to make up the difference. Support in the form of Annual Fund donations is a vital component of this financial equation.


How are donations used?​

Every donation helps deliver an exceptional education to students at Spring Street Preschool. Like most independent schools, tuition and fees do not cover the true cost of educating a student. The gap between cost and tuition is covered by annual giving. These donations help fund the daily operation of the school and enable Spring Street to not just accomplish its mission, but excel at doing so.


Annual fund critical areas of support include:

Financial Aid

We aim to make our school accessible to families of all backgrounds. We do this by offering a financial aid program that we envision expanding.


Classroom Materials and Tools for Outdoor Play 

One of our strengths is our commitment to converging learning and play. Our classrooms and outdoor play environments serve a critical role in encouraging our students to bring their best selves to learning.


Are gifts tax deductible?

Spring Street Preschool is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and all gifts are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Thank you for supporting Spring Street Preschool!



Gifts by Check

Spring Street Preschool
64 Spring Street
Amherst, MA 01002


Gifts by Credit Card

Email a completed donation form to or phone the office at 413-256-8442


Matching Gifts

Companies will often match or multiply gifts made by employees and retirees. Please keep this in mind when you make a gift to Spring Street Preschool and consult with your employer's personnel department to find out whether your employer offers a Matching Gifts program.

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