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This Week at Spring Street: Bug Airbnb and Outdoors Galore

Hello, families! I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous long weekend!

The children kicked Monday off by learning about an insect’s body parts. We sang a

little song to help them remember (“Head, Thorax, Abdomen” sung to “Head,

Shoulders”) and then created ‘bug hotels’ in the nature playground. The children

were tasked with finding cozy natural materials grass, leaves, and anything soft to

fill the hotels with. Then they placed them under a tree for the bugs to find and hide


Since the days have been so wonderfully clear and warm, the children have been

spending around an hour and a half outside each day. While some of that time might

be more structured they also have the freedom to explore as they see fit. Some of the

children created a ‘cake’ out of rocks, sand, and dead foliage found on the hill in the

playscape playground.

The children continuously make potions or tea or soup or stew or ice cream ( ; ] ) in

the nature playground. We’ve also brought journal writing outdoors!

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