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This Week at Spring Street: Under the Microscope with Bugs and Tree Frogs and Toys for Good Measure!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Hello, families!

Wow, this past week the children have sure been busy! They worked hard on a mural of the jungle that will eventually be adhered to the Sunshine Room wall. So far the children have worked on snakes and very colorful tree frogs. Soon we will add trees and more lizards and amphibians. They also explored ‘bugs’ and other (toy) creatures with magnifying glasses and had a blast looking at everything up close. They liked it so much that I kept the magnifiers out the whole week.

Other activities they explored were building a home out of big blocks, engaging in a float or sink experiment, acting out journal stories, discovering who likes and who doesn’t like the rain, creating pirate ships, and making dragon soup in the nature playground. Phew! Here’s to more learning through play!

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